By: Kuldeep Agarwal
Email: [email protected]

Dear Sir,
I had the privilege of attending your talk / Programme as conducted by Meerut Management Association as on 29.01.10 evening in Meerut . I heard you with keen interest and find myself in complete agreement with OPOSPC . I have worked long years in the field of Office Automation with Methodex Group and they also used to train their sales people almost on the similar pattern in the yesteryears . In fact, I strongly feel if learnt and practiced with one’s heart into it, one can harvest lot of success and happiness in every sphere of life , professional or personal either / both .

Thanking you and looking forward to seeing / hearing you in the foreseeable future,
Sincerely Yours ,

Kuldeep Agarwal ( 09012666789 )
Corporate Advisor
Communication & PDP Professional / Trainer